Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Week Five Blog

This week Our Class Goal Was Self Manage.
First we Finished our personal stables and decorated them. After that Thomas Started to Build A green House to store all our food in And he also finished putting stuff into the chests in the storage room.After that Lucy Finished Making the outside stables while I tamed all the donkeys. Then Lucy And I worked on Taming the horses And putting saddles on them. Then we had a good idea to rebuild our personal stables on the right side of the barn near the water so the could swim and drink. So we built new stables and divided it into two parts and then put fences in the middle so we wouldn't get our horses muddled up.
Then we went back into the barn and decided to build new stables in there two as They looked like paddocks and we already had paddocks outside. So First we had to kill all the horses then we Built single stables for horses and we put two hay bales in each.Then we put torches on some of the walls to make light and spwaned a horse in each one we had made.


  • The first problem was That i spwaned my pet dog and it got on the roof and wouldn't come down.
  • The 2nd Problem Was That Thomas's Nether wart farm wich is used for making potions was in the way of builing our new stables so we had to make It further back.


My GOAL was to play fairly 

I achieved that goal buy making sure everyone in my build group knew what i was doing and was ok with it.


  1. Great blogging Florence. I have a got an excellent understanding of how your build group are going and some of the challenges you faced. How did you bet your dog down?