Sunday, 16 November 2014

Week 3 Blog

Week 3  Blog

Last week Lucy Thomas Charlotte And I started on the farm. First we Finished clearing all the ground and grass around the farm.
then we got started on the barn wich we made of red wool and amber wood. we built the stables inside and put in animals such as:Donkeys, Horses, Sheep, Cows And Pigs.Then we Put in torches for light and Charlotte made the barn door.

How I Felt:

I felt like we had done a lot of work and it was worth while Because we got the barn,animals and stables done.
It Also Went well for me because we got heaps of stuff done and all we need to do is the entrance and the outside and the garden.

Did I achieve my Goal:

Yes I achieved my goal. My goal was play fairly.
I Achieved my goal because I was playing to all the rules and wasn't doing anything I shouldn't and I listened to all my teams ideas and suggestions that they gave each other.

The Best Part:

The Best Part of the day was when we Got the barn finished because we had that as our goal and we still had lots of time left over so we started on the garden and Thomas made a nether wart farm.


One problem that we had was a random foutain thing that was right beside the farm and was making the water flow not still so we couldn't put animals in there. When Danny cleared it the all the water came across the farm and killed all the grass so that was another problem then we got  Danny to undo it and it was all fine so we just bucketed up the water.

Another problem was when Titus accindently piosoned the horses thinking it was a streanthening potion or a potion that would make the horse jump higher. 


Our sucsesses we got were that we finished the barn,the inside, and the clearing away. Another sucsess was that we started on the garden.

Next time:

Our goals for next time are:

  • finishing the garden
  • Making outside stables
  • making the animals
  • puting in bridges



  1. Florence not to sound rude but it was acacia wood and we didn't use red wool

  2. The farm sounds really great and I think it has a lot of
    detail good job florence.

  3. Great blog Florence, you got two comments! This is a great example of covering all the aspects of the session. Your goals are great and you are working hard to achieve them. Your build team are enjoying many successes. Thanks for being an excellent Minecrafter by following the rules and still being creative.