Monday, 17 November 2014

Minecraft Week 4 Blog

'''''''''''''''By Florence Nathan''''''''''''''''

This Week We finished our Barn and we were going to put a storage room On the roof but Then we decided it was going to be on the left side of the barn. we made it of oak wood and we put windows in it for light. Then Thomas anounced that we were having an adoption day at  the farm so everyone cam round and chose there own horses. Then  I went round the back of the storage place and and dug out a big space level to the back Window. At first it was just so we wouldn't have to look at grass but then Lucy,Lottie and I Had our own horses so we decided to use it as a stable for our personal pets that we had spawned. First we divided the space into Three different parts. The first one is mine, the second is lottie's and the third one is Lucy's. Then after that we Closed up all the holes in the walls so our animals couldn't escape. Then We all started to decorate our Stables with Flowers,vines and glow-stone for light.Then we realised that we couldnt get out so lottie made a tunnel for us so we could walk out and we put doors there so we could keep the horses in and get out ourselves. Then Lottie put Glow-stone in the tunnel so we could see inside it. 
When we had the adoption day we started to use money and we hadnt discussed it so we had to give them away for free.
We also had another problem: Lucy. She kept breaking the doors instead of opening them It was quite funny though.
We also had the problem of when we couldnt decide where to put the storage place then i found the place on the side and we all agreed to build it there.
How did it go and how did it feel:
I think it went well as now we have a good place to keep our animals and we can store things in the storage place.
I Felt it was good because we completed the Barn and then we had the adoption day wich went really well.
My goal was to perservere.
I perservered About the storage room location and when we were dividing the stables.

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  1. Excellent, one of the best blogs of the week. Clear and detailed. I love the way you reflected on your goal. I hope Lucy has figured out how to use the open door button or lever!

    Also...don't forget to check for small typos before you publish.
    Also...have think about your connectives, you seem to use 'then' quite a bit. Are there any others you could choose instead?